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Equipment Solutions

Magic Aire specializes in hydronic and DX air supply products in many belt drive and direct drive Fancoil and Air Handling units.  Magic Aire® Unit Ventilators are designed for a variety of applications where indoor air quality is critical, such as classrooms, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.  They provide an energy-efficient means for maintaining excellent room conditions.

Plasma Air

Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization technology in our air purification product line improves air quality.  We provide ionization for projects such as wastewater facilities, smoking casinos, schools, churches, offices, garbage rooms, locker rooms, animal clinics, long term care facility, etc.  We also utilize ASHRAE’s IAQ Procedure to reduce outside air intake in many projects types.  Reducing outside air intake reduces AC and heating equipment sizes and ongoing energy use, not to mention improved air quality. Ask your DCI team member to introduce you to Plasma Air’s award winning 62.1 software today to see how much you can save.

With more than 115 years of experience in the controls industry, Johnson Controls understands building better than anyone else.  That's why tens of thousands of commercial, institutional and governmental building owners and managers around the world turn to Johnson Controls to improve the quality of buildings' indoor environment by maximizing comfort, productivity, safety, and energy efficiency.  

Data Aire is a world pioneer and leader in the manufacturing of precision cooling systems.  We have the most complete line of HVAC equipment for data and telecommunication controls that require precise environmental controls.

- Mini Ceiling systems 1 to 5 ton.

- Large Ceiling systems 6 to 13 ton.

- Modular Down Flow/Up Flow System 2-50 ton in DX and chilled water.

Established in 1979 to develop and manufacture variable air volume (VAV) terminals, the ENVIRO-TEC brand is now found on the most comprehensive line of air delivery and control products in the industry. ENVIRO-STAC our new line of Hi Rise Fan coil units with a wide variety of unit configurations, control packages.


Volume Terminals Series Flow and Parallel Flow Fan Powered, Fan Coil Units Indoor Air Handling Units from 600 to 1000 CFM, and Belt Drive Blower Coil Units Indoor Packaged Equipment

Since 1968, Danfoss Drives has been dedicated to developing VLT® electronics to control speed, torque, acceleration, synchronization, positioning, and the overall performance of AC motors.  The reliable and innovative VLT® drives are designed to support any automation application and provide major energy savings.  

For over 40 years, the Mesan Group has engaged in the design and manufacturing of high quality, high efficiency evaporative cooling equipment.  Mesan's focus on engineering, R&D, quality management, and excellent customer service has been recognized by such important international organizations such as ISO, which awarded the ISO-9001-2008 certificate.  They've also been recognized by CTI, which issued the CTI-STD-201 performance.  Today, Mesan continues to play a vital role in the development of new technologies and products.  

Paterson Pump Company's Pro-Max® Horizontal Split Case HVAC Pumps offer a high efficiency design that minimizes energy consumption.  Their product line consists of HVAC pumps in many configurations including: end-suction, split case, and vertical.  Also included are plumbing products consisting of domestic booster systems and accessories.

All Scholar air conditioners and heat pumps are designed to provide quiet, efficient cooling, heating and ventilation for classrooms in a single package. The units are installed inside the classroom against an exterior wall. The vertical configuration minimizes the floor space occupied by the HVAC unit. Individual classroom units mean superior comfort and energy savings. When a central chiller/boiler system fails, an entire wing or school is affected. If a Scholar unit needs service, only one classroom is affected. When only a portion of the wing or school is being used, a large chiller/boiler system may have to operate the chiller at a reduced part load condition, the boiler for reheat and a large air handler. With Scholars, only the classroom or office being used is conditioned.

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